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Spetsnaz Loadout

Postby mtmlegit » Sat Jun 04, 2011 8:03 am

Hey guys, i know there are a lot of die hard ruskies in here and i want advice on a good spetsnaz loadout, something like a GRU load out perhaps. I don't want cheap options and crap like that, i want the real deal. Good REAL gear, and the sources to find and purchase it. And I know ahead of time a lot of this stuff can be pretty expensive. So just post below and let me know your recommendations!

It doesn't matter who you are on here, how long you've been playing, whatever. Shut the f@ck up. Outside of airsoft and this site noone gives half a stuff about what you have to say. You're not a badass or whatever else you'd like to think. Thanks :)
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Re: Spetsnaz Loadout

Postby That Guy's Dad » Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:48 am

Contact Battalionier.
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Re: Spetsnaz Loadout

Postby Battalionier » Thu Jun 09, 2011 10:29 am

the company that supplies to the spetsnaz is SSO which is a abbreviation in Russian for union of special operations their website is sso-mil.ru but it seems to be down currently might be back up when you check. another website that you can check to find their gear is camoshop.ru it is the sso store in st. Petersburg

if you want to go with the standard Russian army issue supplier that would be SPLAV their website website is splav.ru

another cool camoflauge that is starting to be used in Russia special forces is surpat made by http://www.srvv.org/en/
other then that their are alot of small companies that tailor to the individual soldier or unit this is because Russian soldiers are allowed to choose their own camouflage and pay the difference.

i took this from http://www.airsoftforum.com it has some mistakes, mainly in the name to what it actual is ( this is because as the post says names of camos in Russia are not standardized in the least) but is about the best explanation of Russian camo and gear i have ever seen an i am to lazy to make my own

Tigerclaw_x wrote:Basically, if you want a SOVIET (not Russian) load out, you don't have much to choose from.
Camo: There were only 3 types of camo in Soviet Army. BUTAN (Aka TTsKO), Sun Bunny (Aka Beryozka), and its variation Silver Oak, which is instead of olive green and yellow, it is green and gray. Thats about it. All other camo were either World War II or past the fall of USSR.
The Sun Bunny and Silver Oak were coveralls, not BDUs.
TTsKO (Butan), was a BDU.
Remember this: Soviet Soldier out of battle wore either pilotka cap (olive green) or visor cap. In battle he wore a steel helmet.
If you are NOT going for Camo, you need a Khe Be outfit (pants, jacket, shirt), or Gorka.
Soviet Soldiers also didn't wear combat boots, they wore almost knee high boots (Kirzachi), under them, the legs were wrapped into a cotton fabric portyanki.
Camo were issued only to special forces, recon units or "need for mission" basics. Exception was BUTAN (TTsKO), which was started to be issued as a BDU style uniform to all troops (first to Guard Divisions, VDV and Special Forces, then to everyone else). At the same time, Sun Bunny and Silver Oak were continued to be used, mostly by Border Guards (MVD troops) and paratroopers. The cluster frag of camo in use today in Russia never was used in USSR. In Russia, currently everyone wears pretty much whatever he wants. Here are some examples:
1. Tiger (aka Reed) - horizontal stripes, with less black and more olive then US Tiger Stipe
2. Reed - Vertical Tiger stripe
3. Kukla - aka British DPM.
4. Partizan (worn by MVD troops) - aka Waffen SS Oakleaf.
5. Les - Somewhat similar to US Woodland
6. Rastr - Vertical Tiger stipe with flecktarn like Spots. Personally tested it. In wooded areas superior to anything I have seen.
7. Flecktar - Version of Flecktarn. Less green and more brownish. Great for autumn and spring.
8. Flecktar -D - Version of Danish Flecktar (very popular). Has less Black then Danish Flecktarn
9. VSR-93 - somewhat similar to Vertical Tiger stripe. Still worn by rear area troops and OMON. Was developed into a much superior RASTR
10, IZLOM - Similar to Flecktarn and Waffen SS Dot 44.
11. SURPAT - Similar to MARPAT but with less brown and more green and grey.
12. New Border guard - Similar to Surpat.
13. Four Color Woodland. Similar to Marpat, but with less brown and more green.
14. Spectr - Similar to Cadpad, but with grey added.
15. Gorod - Similar to US URban
16. SMOG - Blue/Gray DPM
17. Black Tiger - Black/gray/White tigerstripe
18. Black Reed - Black/Gray/White vertical Tiger stripe
19. TTsKO - BUTAN worn by Helicopter pilots. Loved by entire army but for political reasons not being brought back.
20. Birch Tree - very similar to Sun Bunny.
21. Sun Bunny (Original Soviet)
22. Silver Oak (Original Soviet)
23. Flora - 3 color tigerstripe like camo, aka Watermelon.
24. Yeger' (Jaeger) - Similar to Finnish M05. Good luck finding it.
25. Russian Digital (Similar to Flecktar-D but with very small pixels and very little black - hated by Russian soldiers who prefer Flectarn D)
26. Partizan 2 - Waffen SS Oakleaf B
27. CCE - This is a direct copy of French Central European camo.
28. Multicam - mostly worn by volunteers fighting in Chechnya. This is Russian made unlicensed copy, which is a bit darker then US made.
29. Russian Digit (not to mistake for Russian Digital) - a version of Soviet World War II 3 color uniform with leaf patterns all over. Sometimes brown amoeba spots are added. This was in use in Soviet Army until mid 80s, usually by rear echelon troops and in military schools/academies.
30. Marpat - sometimes worn by volounteers, however 4 color digital with less brown and more green and gray is more popular.
31. Flecktarn - german flecktarn, direct copy.

Russian army is very distrustful of digital camo. Their own test show a complete superiority of non digital camo to digital. However, the move to Russian Digital (sometimes called Tetris) is enforced from the top, to show that "Russia is on top of all modern development".

Flecktarn/DPM like patterns seem to be VERY popular. SURPAT will be given to special forces and airborne. SPECTR and NEW BORDERGUARD (aka PC) are being tested now. Many pattern come in two versions: Woodland and Urban. Kukla/Smog, Gorod/Les. Tiger/Black Tiger, Reed/Black Reed.

Note that NPO-SM makes vertical tigerstripe and calls it REED. SPLAV makes a horizontal Tiger stripe and calls it Tiger. ANA.SPB.RU makes a horizontal Tiger stripe, similar to SPLAV and calls it REED. It is a total cluster frag and logistic nightmare.

This clusterfrag is from the top of my mind. This is before we go into desert and special camo. Most units allow soldiers to buy their own camo rather then wear Flora, with Tiger and Forest being the most popular. Rastr, Partizan and Kukla are mostly worn by MVD soldiers. In fact the Rastr that I have already comes from the factory with buttons marked (MVD - Ministery of Internal Affairs). IZLOM is mostly worn by Airborne troops. The irony that Izlom means "Fracture".

So, if you want to get Russian loadout, do not fret. Get yourself a DPM and you are set. If you want Soviet - good luck finding BUTAN uniform. NOBODY has them now. Please, note, that while Ukrainian Dubok (Little oak) has similar pattern, the colors are complitely mutated, to the point of the base being bluish green, rather then light olive. Note that Birch Tree/SUN BUNNY as well as SILVER OAK were NEVER issued as BDU in USSR (they were issued as coveralls and worn OVER normal olive uniform). Currently all of these are available as BDU (From SPLAV, for example) and coveralls.

Visor cap was NEVER worn in battle by a soldier. It was not even worn much during normal routine. Special cap called "pilotka" was worn at all times, except battle. This was a part of working/training uniform when steel helmets were not called for.

BELT was worn at ALL times, so were the knee high boots. (Waffen SS style). There were two styles of pants: normal for indoor study and parades, and Galife which were put into the boots.

Soviet Naval Infantry had completely black uniform with black berets. Camo was issued when needed.

Soviet Airborn and Soviet Naval Infantry also wore a long slieved striped t-shirt known as Tel'nyashka. This was a symbol of total bravado and devil may care attitude.

Soviet Airborne also worn a special helmet, similar to tanker helmet. This was worn during parachute jump.

So be careful what load out you select.

Please note, that even when AK-74 was adopted, many units continued to use AKMs, why? Because they were readily available. Naval Infantry prefered AKMs to AK-74, actually even now, most Russian troops will choose AKM over AK-74 due to better penetration capabilities of AKM. Even now, most combat occurs within 300m, AKM is sufficient for that goal. AK-74, much like M16 lacks penetration against targets behind heavy cover or concealment. Normal 7.62x39mm bullet will go through a train rail at range of 100m. This is NOT achievable with normal 5.45 or 5.56 bullets.

Please note that not only AKM and AK74 were in service at the same time. Sidefolder and Underfolder models were also used at the same time. With huge army, re-arming takes a while.

So, Soviet loadout may be VERY easy (Black uniform + black beret + Birch tree coverall) or VERY HARD (BUTAN BDU) to make.

Weapons are always easy. AK-74 of any version or AKM of any version always fits. 1984 Soviet Soldier was as likely to carry AKM as he was AK-74. Airborne and Marines were as likely to carry sidefolders as they were to carry underfolders. It all depended on what the unit was equipped with and, in Afghanistan and other areas, what soldier would scrounge. In Soviet Army Scrounging is an art form. This tradition goes back to World War 1 and World War 2. You pick up whatever is underhand. If your Mosin ran out of bullets, but right in front of you there is a dead Nazi with Mauser 98K with ammo you pick that thing up. Heck, in World War 2 entire Tank battalions were armed with Trophy Pz III and Pz IV tanks, what is more captured Pz III tanks were turned into an SPGs:-).
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