[WTB] Vest for Airsoft sniper

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[WTB] Vest for Airsoft sniper

Postby PonyTerrance » Mon Apr 07, 2014 12:49 pm

Hi :P

I currently go airsofting twice a month and i run a G&G custom M4 AEG with various attachments and a muzzlebreak shaped and painted like a tiny coke can, and 2 Dan Wesson magnums.

Ive been airsofting for about 2 years now but i wanna try something different. I wanna go for a sniper. I currently find myself taking the scope off of my air rifle and putting it on a revolver and getting good long distance hits but i really want to do it properly.

Im looking at a Well Warrior g96 currently but heres where my problem comes in. I would need a good lightweight chest rig to go with it.

Please could someone help me find something thats minimal size but maximum efficiency. I would need help finding pounches to fit these mags. A hydration pack would be good too and even better if its allready combined into the chest rig.

Any help would be greatly apprecieated, as for budget, im not really restricted there but, not cheap, not expensive, as with anything else.

If youve a suggestion of a different gun to use, my range is around the £200 mark it would be good if it was bolt action, and the magazines had a good pouch to suit.

Thanks guys :)

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