Pharoh Squad: The beginning(STARTING A TEAM)

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Pharoh Squad: The beginning(STARTING A TEAM)

Postby Pharoh_Actual » Mon Oct 14, 2013 6:21 pm

I'm new to public wars on sanctioned fields, and I don't need a team per say. Well, not yet anyways. I usually play out near battlefield airsoft ( If anyone would be interested in thinking about a team PM me.(I am an average player with a really good gun. CQB is a HUGE weakpoint for me. I'm a sniper and suppresionist at heart. YOU NEED TO BE OPEN TO ANY TACTICS AND FOLLOW ORDERS!!!!! Yes I don't always make the best calls so correct me if you need to.) Pharoh Squad would need 5 dedicated players(including myself). SNIPER ASSAULT CQB_SPECIALIST SUPPRESIONIST(Mostly providing cover fire with a high fire rate and alot of ammo. Preferably a non-winder mag gun) AND A SECURITY DETAIL(Escorts if you will will watch from behind alot to make sure the entire squad or team is taken out by one sneaky guy. Assault or Suppresionist type weaponry). I would be either Assault or Sniper. PM me if you're interested!!!! Team patches, motto, T-Shirts, and radios would be provided from myself for when the team would be created. ONCE AGAIN I'M NOT LOOKING TO START A TEAM JUST YET!!!!!! JUST LOOKING FOR SOME DEDICATED PEOPLE TO PLAY WITH FOR A FEW MONTHS TO PROVE THEY ARE WILLING TO PLAY!!!!!! On a final note, I don't play anywhere out of middle Tennessee. I probably won't go out of Knoxville if at all possible.... PM ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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