Father and son NOOBS in Northern Kentucky

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Father and son NOOBS in Northern Kentucky

Postby thevaliantx » Thu Jan 02, 2014 4:27 pm

We are looking for others to play with. For Christmas we got 2 Lancer AK 74U assault rifles, and 2 G&G Extreme 45 co2 pistols. Yesterday was our first day out shooting. Our targets were a Coa-Coa Puffs cereal box and some soda cans tied to strings and hanging from branches. My son got a kick out of watching us making the cans 'dance' and watching one of the cans get sawed in half. We're keeping them for souvenirs. Each of us got stung by BB's, too. First, it was my son (I know, call me a coward, I deserve it). I waited until he was maybe a 100 feet from me before we opened fire (we are using safety masks designed for Airsoft that we bought at Wal-Mart) on each other. He's only seven years old (but very mature for that age, we homeschool him which I think has helped in that aspect). Since he got hit first, and cried (took a shot off the back of his head and off his butt), I thought that it might have more to do with his young age, but when I got hit in the same area I then realized that, yes ....... they do sting. :oops: He told me that he doesn't want us shooting at each other until we have more protective equipment, and I agree. However, I can see us getting bored real fast just shooting at cans in the branches or chasing each other in the woods. We need to get involved with others, but up here in Northern Kentucky we're having a difficult time making that happen. Because of his age most registered airsoft fields, most registered airsoft fields won't let him participate, but I'm not about to have all the enjoyment to myself. Having said that, it's nice to see all of you! (even my wife seemed to be having fun shooting with the pistol....she said she would play if we had the weapons but she doesn't want to buy one for just herself)

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