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Anyone Still Use the Forums

Postby Kevin S » Mon May 25, 2015 7:13 pm

Hey guys , I've been out of the sport for few years now , and I think and going to start playing again just , testing th e waters to see if anyone still plays or not

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Kevin S
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Re: Anyone Still Use the Forums

Postby MechaDraco » Wed May 27, 2015 2:20 am

Hi there, Names Justin, thought I would welcome you back to the sport but also sort of take advantage of your interest to support my own interest. For starters the forum seems pretty dead, very little response, though clearly there are views occasionally. I do believe the sport itself is still pretty active in the area, but the forums are not so much, why exactly that is, couldn't tell you. Anywho, I suppose I should say what I mean by taking advantage for my own interest, see I am really new to the sport, in fact my knowledge goes about as far as what you can read about it or watch about it on youtube, and I only own one of those spring pistols that you might randomly get from a relative that doesn't know what to buy you for your birthday, However my interest in the sport has existed pretty much for as long as I have lived in TN, which is going on close to 20 years now. If I had known more about the sport when I was younger, or at the very least had someone to introduce me to it, I would probably be more active in it, however aside from lack of money or spare time to commit to the sport, I also had no one that I know that is actually into the sport, so now that I have the money and time, I am simply looking for someone to help me get into the sport, so if you'd like, you can talk to me about fields in the area ,since I have done lots of research into them, I'd be more then happy to share what I have learned so far with ya, and if your willing to share some of your knowledge and time with me in trade, I'd be most appreciative.
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